Personal Trainer:



  • Bachelor or Human Movement
  • Cert III & IV in Fitness
  • Pump, CXWORKS, Yoga
  • Pilates, Pilates reformer
  • Boxing

Specialising in:

  • Weight training
  • Pilates
  • Talking!


  • 14 years teaching classes in the fitness industry


  • Travel
  • Family Time
  • Reading (I love to learn)
  • Beach

Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.


Personal Vision:

I want to help people be happier in their own skin – for their bodies to work better and hurt less.

Favourite Food:

All Food!

Favourite Exercise

I love everything – Weight training, pilates, yoga, swimming, cycling, cardio – all classes except “dance” classes – I’ve got no moves – 😊

Best Advice You Ever Been GIven

Every word my mother ever said to me!!