Bridget has been a member of Samsara since the beginning and we are so proud of how far she has come in this time! Bridget is so energetic and passionate about discovering what her body can do with every PT session she has with Grace. Together they are ALWAYS learning something new and conquering the many different challenges Bridget gets each session, EVEN AFTER ALL THIS TIME!

Sally Jensen

After a few weeks away with illness Sally stepped back into the gym, ready to get back on track, only to be faced with the reality of how frustrated she felt at herself.
We can all relate I’m sure. Those sneaky self defeating thoughts creep in. This member has really inspired me with her honesty when I personally needed it the most. It was literally a life changer moment that week!


Jodie has been a member of Samsara since February and each time she has a Wellness Reassessment she is achieving fantastic results !! In just three short months, Jodie lost 13kg in body fat and improved her InBody score from 67 to 79. With the help of her Personal Trainer, Jodie has done a fantastic job in becoming stronger and fitter whilst remaining consistent! Way to go Jodie!

Jodylee Kloens

Jodylee has been a member of Samsara since June and in this time, she has achieved incredible results! Jodylee has been working hard at her main goals of weight loss and a healthier lifestyle. Jodylee is doing just that and has improved her InBody Score from 56 to 64 in just 12 weeks!