Samsara Women's Health Club

Samsara Women’s Health Club COVID Safe Re-Open Guidelines


Please take the time to read over the few changes we must make and ask you to adhere to, to align with the COVID-Safe guidelines for our re-open. These changes are required as per the guidelines at the time of writing however are subject to change as government amendments in the close future.

1. Attendance Spacing Restrictions

To allow for appropriate social distancing, we are limited to 1 person per 7 sqm. This is however limited to a maximum of 20 people within each defined Club area. Training areas include – Cardio, Stationary and free weights and Group Fitness room. The good news is that we are confident that we can manage this limitation even during peak times. This will be ongoingly monitored, however, we do encourage you to spread your training times to ensure compliance and to increase the likelihood of you being able to access the Club.

2. Training Areas

To comply with the industry COVID-Safe plan, we have segmented various training zones. When arriving at the club, you MUST scan in and state to the staff member at reception which area you wish to train in.

3. Club Access and Staffed Hours

Under Stage 3 guidelines, after-hours access may be utilized with numbers being monitored electronically. 

We encourage you to attend during staffed hours for any additional assistance from our staff.

Staffed hours include;

Monday – Thursday: 6 am – 6.30 pm

Fri: 6 am – 12 pm

Sat: 8 am – 11 am 

Please do not forget your Wellness Tag as it is a requirement to gain entry. If you have lost or forgotten your tag, you will be required to purchase a replacement at reception.

  1. On your arrival and after your training session

On arrival you will be required to:

  • Scan your Wellness Key at Front Door and,
  • Sanitize your hands with the automatic sanitizer at Entrance

We have chosen not to limit your training time at this stage.

  1. Health and Wellbeing

We ask that anyone that has been in contact with another person with a confirmed case of COVID-19 within 14 days, who has a cough, temperature, or flu-like symptoms to please remain at home. We reserve the right to screen all members and check temperature. Please know this is in the interest of every member’s right to be in a safe environment and you may be asked to leave the Club if symptoms occur.

  1. Hand Sanitizers

Hand sanitizer will be available on entry and at various points throughout the club. All members should make use of them when entering and leaving the club.

  1. Additional Cleaning and Disinfectants

All-purpose cleaner, disinfectant and antibacterial wellness wipes are available within training areas. We require you to wipe down your equipment before and after use and dispose of the wipes in bins provided.

  1. Training Towel

You MUST bring a towel and use on all equipment. If you do not have a towel, there will be some available for purchase at reception. Please know this is a ‘No Towel, No Train’ policy.

  1. Group Fitness Classes

To allow for appropriate social distancing, we are limited to 1 person per 7 sqm. For our space in the Group Fitness Room, this is a maximum of 20 members. We are monitoring member attendance and at this time no bookings are required.

  1. Interactions with Staff Members

Please respect the social distancing requirements when interacting with Samsara Staff and other members.

  1. Wet Areas

Showers are now available for use as per the government guidelines.